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Shoulder pain

Second the neck pain, shoulder pain is another common symptom in our daily life. It leads to the restriction in the movement actively and passively. The signs are that upward motion is usually less than 100 degrees and the arm cannot be turned outward more than 30 degrees. Acupuncture and exercise can help you to manage the shoulder pain.

Daily range of motion exercises, putting your shoulder through full movement, can help to control the shoulder pain. This prevents stiffness developing and stretches all the attached muscles, making them less vulnerable to sudden demands.

Please note, it is recommended to consult the medical practitioner before getting on with them.

The following four exercises are designed to help you to improve the movement in the shoulder region and control pain. Do each movement slowly five times, resting a short time in between each set of movements. Two or three times a day is recommended. You may choose to do more or less basing on your own situation.

Pendulum exercises

Lean your body forward and put on your good arm onto a table or other support.
Allow your free arm to hang like a pendulum, without effort.
Move your free arm backward and forward easily like a pendulum.
With the same position, do a side to side movement and a stirring motion as well.

Active flexion

Stand straight, drop your arms down, and face your palms backward
Lift your arm up straight in front of you.
Let your arm slightly across your body.
Finish the movement with arms straight up and palms face forward

(Please note, you may not be able to get your arms up as far as the finishing position. Do this movement as far as you can and gradually increase with time.)

Hand behind back

Drop your arms down and face your palms backward.
Try and put one of your hands behind your back as far as you easily can with the palm facing backward.
Do the same for the other hand

Hand behind neck

Put your one of your hands behind your neck.
Avoid letting your elbow come up in the front, keep it out to the side.
Do the same for the other hand.

These exercises can help control pain and also maintain range of motion. A well designed acupuncture treatment can also release the signs and symptoms significantly. Please seek advice from certified acupuncture practitioner.

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