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Neck pain

Neck pain is very common symptom. It might lead to other pains, such as arm pain, shoulder pain, chest pain, headache, and pins and needles in the shoulder or arm. Acupuncture and exercise can help you to manage the neck pain. It is also important to do the right things in the early stages of your neck pain.

One very powerful way of controlling your neck pain is to do daily range of motion exercises, putting your neck through full movement several times a day. This can prevent stiffness developing on neck and stretch all the attached muscles.

Please note, it is recommended to consult your medical practitioner before getting on with them.

There are four movements included in the exercises. Do each movement five times and have short rest between each set. Two or three times a day is recommended. You may choose to do more or less basing on your own situation.

Neck flexion
Move your head forward slowly till the chin hits the chest.

Neck extension
Move the head backward slowly until facing the ceiling directly. Leave the neck at the end of the movement for a few seconds.

Turn your head slowly to one side until it cannot easily go any further (Five times left and five times right). Hold your neck at the end of the movement for a few seconds.

Side flexions
Keep your head facing straight forward. Tip your ear down towards the same shoulder (Five times left and five times right).

All the above movements need to be done slowly. Do them when you are in calm and ease mood.

These exercises can help control pain and also maintain range of motion. For people who have long term neck pain, acupuncture can be introduced to the pain management. Please seek advice from certified acupuncture practitioner.


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